ENKON Land Information Systems (Integral-LIS)

With over 20 years’ experience providing industry-leading land information systems (LIS), ENKON knows first-hand that managing land resources and land rights is a day-to-day necessity for every land manager. Our goal is to help you organize and manage these critical assets with ease. That’s why ENKON developed Integral-LIS, a feature-rich suite of web-based applications specifically designed to let land and environmental managers work sharper, faster, and smarter.

Our land information systems provide the tools necessary for your land and environmental departments to effectively manage their business processes. Find out why some of the Fortune 500 companies across industries choose ENKON for their land information systems.

Integral-LIS Application

The Integral-LIS application suite is a powerful web-based tool for land and environmental managers, designed to make the management of land assets easier. Manage your properties, operations, quarries, buildings, and linear corridors, including the land rights related to these assets, such as easements, leases, and ROW agreements, all in a streamlined software package.

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Manage your properties, easements, leases, agreements, permits, taxes with ease

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