Application Suite Training

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Our land and environmental Integral-LIS applications are designed to be highly intuitive, however some system training is always recommended. ENKON offers comprehensive Integral-LIS application suite training via webinars and webcasts to provide cost-effective training program options. We also recommend some classroom training as part of a successful deployment. ENKON provides a number of Integral-LIS application suite training options for our customers that often include a combination of approaches. Each of our training approaches comes with unique benefits.

Online Interactive Training

  • Videos to show screen images of each system component
  • Images depict views of the application in operation
  • Interactive teaching components show users how to navigate through the system workflow


  • Recommended as a lower-cost option to instructor-led training
  • Allows a remote trainer to share an application display window with individuals (internet connection required)
  • Staff at multiple locations can be trained with one session

Instructor-led Classroom Training

  • ‘Train-the-trainer’ prepares your staff to provide future user-focused training
  • Often conducted at an early stage of a project in a four-hour session
  • Recommended for key users who will be administering the system (i.e. performing tasks such as adding new users or managing security settings)

ENKON works with you to determine the most appropriate Integral-LIS application suite training method to ensure a successful product deployment.